About Wednesday Night Dinner

WND is a simple way to start a great new weekly tradition with friends. Signup, invite some people you know, tell them to invite some people they know, and clear your calendar on Wednesday nights. Each week we'll schedule a dinner for your group automatically. Anyone in the group can update the time/location, or if you want to keep a list of places to visit (restaurants, potlucks, whatever) we'll pick one randomly. We'll take all of the friction out of planning and organizing, so you can just hang out.

History of Wednesday Night Dinner

When I moved to SF out of college, I knew one (nice) person. She introduced me to some people she knew, whom I'd see occassionally, but it was tough to make that leap to friends. We were having dinner one Wednesday night and someone said, "This was fun. Let's do it again!" To which someone else replied, "Yeah! What about next week?" Wednesday Night Dinner was born.


Can I use WND to schedule events on different days? For different meals?
Sorry, but Wednesday Night Dinner only allows you to schedule Wednesday night dinners. It may sound like a silly limitation (or at least a quirky one), but we really wanted to build an extremely useful service for a very specific (but we think broad) niche.

But why?
There are a lot of great services out there to organize many different kinds of events, but we think Wednesday Night Dinners are different and potentially special.

Why Wednesday?
The easy answer is that we first started organizing our own weekly dinners on Wednesday, and it worked. Plus, we tend to like descriptive names, so Wednesday Night Dinner stuck. The more elaborate answer is that there's something special about Wednesdays: Thursday is starting to build up towards the weekend, people are usually making their own plans on Friday and Saturday, Sundays are for getting ready for Mondays, Mondays are for getting over Sundays, and Tuesdays are just the worst!